Laterz Social: Designed for Veterans, by a Veteran.

Created with firsthand experience, Laterz Social addresses the need for social connection and support while serving and after transitioning from military to civilian life for defence members and their families.

With a mobile lifestyle in mind, Laterz helps serving members, veterans, and their families integrate and establish new social connections in their communities.

A mobile lifestyle is an integral part of military service, as ADF members are routinely posted to different Defence establishments around Australia or overseas every few years, and often take their families with them. I have experienced first-hand the effects these disruptions have had on my partner, family, and myself.

Our platform bridges the gap in social support networks, offering a plug into local communities for those who have served.

We believe in the benefits it brings and have invested significantly to make it a reality.

Unique features we plan to provide to current and ex serving members and their family inlcude empowering users with the ability to set future locations before a posting or transition, wider distance settings reducing the burden of remote locations, and custom connection messages to increase the chance of integrating into new communities and forging positive social relationships.


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